Main Challenges to Brazilian Health System

To carry out a study on the Brazilian public health system ? SUS to identify key main challenges to improve performance and its operational and financial sustainability. International experiences of similar general public health systems and of countries of similar Brazilian income level will be used to compare and to benchmark results and goals. The study should present proposals to policy makers on the Brazilian Health System, within public policies in a sustainable development strategy. The study will analyse the following challenges to the current Brazilian health system: a) funding requirements and sources of the system, b) to broaden public access to the system through smart id health cards(cartão SUS); c) to review and to wide coverage of the family health teams; d) to revise pricing and tariffs of hospital care and services; d) to define roles of the public and private providers of health services and their funding; and e) to review the role of states and municipalities in the health system.




Kenya Valeria Micaela de Souza Noronha - Integrante / Monica Viegas Andrade - Coordenador / Fabíola Sulpino Vieira - Integrante / Sergio Piola - Integrante / Edvaldo Batista de Sá - Integrante / Roberta da Silveira Vieira - Integrante / Rodrigo Benevides - Integrante.