EQ-5D for monitoring population health: a comparison of general population survey data in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

In recent years, EQ-5D has been increasingly used and local value sets developed- in selected Latin- American countries. Argentina, Brazil and Chile Researchers met with Paul Kind in 2014 and discussed potential collaborations. Two proposals (the present -research oriented- and another led by Victor Zarate for diffusion and training) are being presented to this call. The aim of this proposal is to describe and compare general population health reported through the EQ-5D instrument based on survey data from for Latin-American countries. We will include individual data of four surveys from Argentina (n=34,372), Brazil (n=3,362), Chile (n=2,000) and Uruguay (n=1010). Besides replicating previous standardized descriptive analyses and incorporating countries not previously incorporated (i.e Szende et al, Self- Reported Population Health: An International Perspective based on EQ-5D), mean VAS value attached to self-reported EQ- 5D health states will be reported per country with the intention of examining the extent to which these values vary according to demographic factors within the four surveys. We will perform a cross- country analysis correlating EQ-5D data and country-specific economic and health system. Additionally we will explore the relation between EQ-5D dimensions and the EQ-VAS through OLS regression. We expect also, to explore novel methods for displaying/presenting EQ-5D data based on self-reported description and VAS valuation. This proposal will help to estimate and understand the use of EQ-5D as a measure of population health in Latin-America, set reference standards for future studies, promote regional collaboration and foster the incorporation of EQ-5D in population health and routine healthcare delivery analyses.


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Mônica Viegas Andrade - Integrante / Kenya Noronha - Integrante / PAUL KIND - Integrante / VITOR ZARATE - Integrante / Federico Augustovski - Integrante / LUCILA REY AIRES - Coordenador / Luz Gibbons - Integrante